“Thoughts Of King Arthur 5 Lyrics by Kwesi Arthur”


Kwesi Arthur!

Coke coke no be Pepsi
Your last sh!t no impress me
We dey confirm, I don’t conform
Did 2 mil’ streams in my first week
More actions less speak
More actions less tweets
Oh it’s cool to be broke now?

You’re all my sons, I be deadbeat
Don’t vex we, popping off
Me ho sokoo hwɛ I got the sauce
Mo mu bebree no mo lack roff
Obi kɔ nanim na mo pa ne dross
Sometimes e be sad where we’re coming from
Some don’t make it out cos ɔtan ne dɔɔso

Wɔ hu sɛ ɛɛkɔ yie a them tag along
There’re so many people I’m cutting off
Man dey grow, f–k opinions get the dough
Sometimes it’s good to be alone
In the sight of pain we no go fold
I go for gold, can’t name a human that I owe
I dey Instagram selling out shows
You’re on Instagram chasing toto
Difference between me and them is adeɛ mɛ ka biara no I did it for real

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I dey feel like I’m chosen
My life’s a movie keep it rolling
Persistence is all e dey take
Don’t mix the bag with emotions
Me bɔ boɔ a I don’t negotiate
Wo sika nso a I no go show shit
We’re just young niqqas doing our thing
Praying we never go broke bit-h
And we won’t switch
I hang with savages, I get a badder bit-h
The game progressing and the truth be say I be the catalyst
I’m outta this world
Them try put me in a bracket since
Mo nni sense, I’m breaking out of it cos I’m not having it

Mennim a couple people jealous of us
Claiming agyenkwa but pii be dream murderers
Last quarter I’m about to be really on they necks
You be dumb or you be lost if you no hear us
Niqqas be really scared of us
King Arthur just took the sword out the stone
Me pɛ ho asɛm jack leave me alone
Independent did this shit on my own
Just talk to God now I can’t do no wrong
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
All the flows I bury
Pray say you keep it safe
See the cross I dey carry
They don’t love me, niqqas fake

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Niggas fake they don’t love me
New York save the date
20th November I’m coming
The way I dey move
She love the way I dey move
Reinvested every penny, difference between me and you
All day on the gram, you no get nothing to do?
All my niqqas go hard
We no get nothing to lose
Ground up to the top