Like I’m Superman Lyrics by Vybz Kartel Ft. Sikka Rymes

[Intro: Sikka Rhymes & Vybz Kartel] Ah di VP
Yuh lie to mi (*hisses teeth*)
Yuh lie to mi (Cold heart gyal)


[Chorus: Vybz Kartel] That’s alright, d’even worry ’bout it (Nah)
‘Member mi know yuh never love nobody (True)
I’ll be your right, like I’ve always been (Yeah)
Ah f–k dem gyal yah like I’m superman (Hmm)
Yuh body build from ah supermodel (Yeah)
Se-y shape like ah Cola bottle (Hmm)
I’ll be your right, like I’ve always been (Yeah)
I’ll fu-k dem gyal yah like I’m superman
Tell har no


[Verse 1: Sikka Rymes] Gyal
Mi nah go beat yuh fi yuh f–k up craze
Just ah mek yuh go yuh ways
Before yuh mek mi show mi tears
Yuh never care nuh time ah when time mi show yuh mi care
Di madda wan’ mi buddy beat yuh, but mi never here
She feel like seh mi wouln’ make it out
But when mi check it out, she never give ah f–k about
How mi feel, when she have another man ah f–k har out
Tell mi seh she love mi, when she know she don’t

[Chorus: Vybz Kartel] [Verse 2: Sikka Rymes] Addi
Di same fu-kery, but another day
Mi know she have a man ah take she [?] as ah [?] name
But ah di fool mi play, make she feel she win di game
Fu-k har best friend an mek she know seh wi think di same
Mi just ah cool, mi never lose it
Why yuh wan’ fi use mi, cyan play mi like nuh Loodi
Bonnie and Clyde, ah so wi roll like inna di movie
But yuh rather be a next man groupie

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[Chorus: Vybz Kartel] [Verse 3: Sikka Rymes] She think mi woulda alright
Fuck you and yuh wild life
Mi nuh wan’ be part ah it
[?] dah gyal yah heart too cold
Suh mi plug har out inno, yeah mi defrost di witch
Yeah wi coulda be friends, bestest of friends
But now ah di end ah wi
Now the link get inna [?], so yuh wan’ mi fi come back

[Chorus x2: Vybz Kartel]