Hard Ears Lyrics By Tommy Lee Sparta

Tip God
Alright then
Bad from birth violate den a dirt
Rental pull up
Pon eh out skirts
Vroom, vroom
Pow, pow
Bat a fly like bird


Don’t say a word
Boy you shoulda hear
When yo mada warn yuh
Don’t lef eh yaad
But you guh
Play hard ears
Pick up shotty pebble
Notten like a marble
Cah with dem life dem a gamble

Killer killer man a killer
Man a killer…Hmmm
Pull-up pon dem enz
Wid a spinnaz
Deal with dem like saint
Man a ginal
Watch him jelly splash
Like river

Killer man a killer
Man a killer…
Pull-up pon dem enz
Wid a spinnaz
Deal with dem like saint
Cah a ginal
Cah man a killer, killer man a killer (Hmmm)
Air force white
Face white
To how mi bleach all night
With di 45
Cya pretty mi move through
Di dice
See mi today
And nuh see mi di next time

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Sparta govan di globe
(Dem fi know)
A wul it off till di owna come (Oh)
Suh right now mi nah tek nuh talk
Suh if yuh ave sumn fi seh
Talk up to mi gun (Cause) hmmmm

Killer man a killer
Man a killer…
From eh smiling stop
Man will kill yuh
Buss dem head
Watch eh jelly splash
Like Dunn’s river
(Oh God)
man a killer
Man a killer

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Evil nuh fvck and wi born as a sinner
Cya study mi cah mi too ginal
Inna board box man mek yuh
Body relax
Warn up eh grabba get di scissor
Spliff inna mouth an one a build up
Keltec in a hand di hangle chip up
Di magnum ?
Suh watch weh yuh pull off
Cah wi a di ill-est
And if yuh ring di alarm
Dem aguh see death
Boy spread out inna eh road
Like big pv$$y evette

Cah man a killer
Killer man a killer
man a killer
Real blood spilla man a killer