Material Love Lyrics by Jeody D


My s3xy the way you’re s3xy you look gorgeous
Move that body like a real chick
Smile like a real woman
Girl of my dream
Move like a frog towards my back
The slender by nature never get tired
The less I’m careless
I never been careless
Sharo my girl
We share the same love
We got the same rule
Stayin in the same room
We gotta fix the broom if its realy broken


These people with the breasts
They give us more stress when we got less cash
Day and day we feelin a pain
When my heart was broken
No one picked the pieces
These people are broke
And without them I live my life in peace
She moves like a model
So slender like a bottle
If you don’t know she’s a trouble
She got a new job
She got a new car
She buy from a good shop
And I’m a stranger
She lives a beautiful life
And I’m the reason why
But on top of that she got a new boyfriend
My life is hard
In my eyes I picture heaven

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I can’t live without you
My babe come back to me
I can’t live without you
My babe come back to me


She saw yo will the reason why niggas gonna get you killed
She kick you outta yo own house
You can’t give yo kids allowance cause you’re broke
You got a new job
She do maintenance
You tryna see yo children
And you end up in a prison
The law wants you no where close to the children
I know is hard brother
You are a superman
Put on yo vest with the S on yo chest
What goes around comes around
Life it’s a chess
Next time it’s gonna be a checkmate

You are a king
I’m tellin you that her tradegy gots no head and tail
Never give up
You gonna get outta jail
And life will be sweet as a sugarcane
You said life is hard
And I know she’s the reason why
Never give up
Keep yo head up
Yo life was right before you could buy P you ask ask why
Niggas wonder why you turn yo house into a new liquor store
You still got stress but leave alcohol and be strong
Keep control of yourself
Pull up yo socks
Think outta box
Soon or later you gonna be yo own boss
Come on brother keep yo head up
Kick the ball until you score

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I realized that it’s hard to live this life
The only thing is to keep in touch with GOD
Bear in mind that
Some things will never change