Methyl Ethel Majestic AF Lyrics

So here you are
Older than them
Growing apart
And I can only hope you find
A reason for the grind

What if you work all night
Building a life?
Carved of your hand
Broke at the back
You’ll work until you die
No doubt in my mind

Although the B-Side is real
It will come and go
So, lift up from the floor
Your heavy body will react
Now, Don’t breath black fumes

I’m sunk by a thousand thoughts like;
I don’t know why you didn’t try?
A bottomless sty of worry
An idle goodbye, you didn’t talk
A bottled up Leviathan
So far, so gone

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Back off the hurt
You’re out of line
Anyone? Say;
When it comes, it comes and grows
With a common goal
A god turning me down

A while before a heart attack comes
To shatter a family of four
You’ll try to reconnect
With anyone you’ve known
To tell them;
I don’t know why
Whose left alive?
When you meet outside
The meeting’s tough
Then it’s back to bye-bye
I don’t know just why I’m sad for no reason?
Cooling and closed

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You’re down, not fine
From beating you back in the purge
Pulling me down too
And what have we got huh?
About time to breathe a hopeful sum
Of welcome
Before the world is gone
Don’t know, maybe?
They’re telling me,
But I don’t know why,
Are you scared in time
Of what will come of you?
Or just happy in denial?


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