Still Within The Flow Lyrics by Efe Nathan

Exalted above all nation
For you are holy mighty king
We bless u (3x)
oh God
We bless ur name for who u are
We exalt u oh God exalt oh lord our God
Bow before his feet for he is holy
We praise your name father
If God dwells inside of you
I need to stand on your feet and shout with a heart of worship
We bless your name of.God
We give u all your praise for who u are
We magnify
Jehovah Elohim shalom
Your throne reigns for ever and ever
I will sing of your glory


Continue to reign my king
Your wisdom unsearchable
Your understanding oh God is beyond comprehension
Oh reign my king my king
You stretch out your word like a curtain.i worship u oh God
I bow before your throne jehovah
Kabiesi there is none like u
You are righteous in everything and everything that u do
Here is your praise oh God (2x)

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Oh your majesty (2x)
We worship u father
We worship u oh God
I will sing of your glory
I will sing of.your mercy
With my mouth I will sing your wondrous work
I will sing of your glory
I will tell of your mighty works


You stand by your covenant
and u confirmed it to Abraham Issac to Jacob
One generation to another
We bless your name
All Creation praise your name
Your majesty
Your word spits out fire my father
We worship (4x)

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Holy (3x)
Here is your worship oh God
We bow and worship u oh God
Who can compare with u oh God
Who can stand where u stand oh lord
We can compare with u oh lord
And I find no.God like you
U healed our disease
My God u are awesome
My God u are powerful
We worship u lord
My soul bless u lord