Tommy Lee Sparta Procreator Lyrics

Hello daddy know yuh neva recognize
Got to see you again no man what a surprise
Mi tun big man yah now seet deh all a drive
Deh ya a research fimi dream although it hard to find
Mi doing music and mi get a lotta fight
Feel a lotta pain but that’s a part of life
Mi want a land fi buy cuz landlord that mi nuh like

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Mi girfriend a breed so a family time
Mi meet a lot of friends some a dem alright
Some a dem nuh like we worse dem me nuh like
NUff a dem mek it and just because di hype dem
Gone back a square one rite a weh we time
But that a long story so me ago cut it short
See a 100 G ya go do weh yuh waa
Telephone a ring a mama a call

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Mi nah come home
Mi deh ya pon di hunting affi turn out to something
Yea amma make you proud mama mi nah come home
Man deh ya pon di hunting affi turn out to somethin
Yea amma make you proud
Make you proud make you proud